marble stone finishes - roufimar


Result of different processes and are responsible for the final appearance of the materials. To choose the most suitable should be taken into consideration not only the appearance of the material and its use.

Soft and totally flat smooth finish, which shows off the true colour of the stone without the shine and detail of the polished finish.
This finish is considered to be very welcoming and comfortable.


This non-slip finish is not smooth to the touch, but is still completely suitable for flat flooring.
With a fairly rough surface, though considerably smoother than the sandblasted finish, this is a very popular finish amongst designers around the world. Indeed, the surface allows the original colour of the stone to be seen, while at the same time giving it a non-slip surface.

The combed finish is one of the most expensive kinds of finish available.  Unique in the effect that it gives the stone, this solution requires a special cutting machine and takes longer to produce.


With its irregular surface, this kind of finish is not suitable for flooring, but rather for veneers that need to be beautiful and durable.
For split-face surfaces, a thickness of at least 5cm thick is required, since part of it will be broken with the tools, leaving the material only 3cm thick.

The marble is treated by chemical (acids) or physical means (specifc brushes), with the aim of giving the stone a rustic look.

With an overall light grey shade, Chiseled is a finish where the very light grey of the chasing contrasts with the dark grey of the original material.  The chasings have a uniform spacing (15cm per dm).

The bush-hammered finish is non-slip and particularly suitable for outdoor paving and sidings.     
With its rough surface, bush-hammered material is flat enough to be used, as it often is, for paving.  It should be noted that this kind of finish dulls the colour of materials, slightly fading them.


Produced by exposing the stone to high temperatures. The flamed finish is flat enough to be used for paving, though there will be slight irregularities and a certain amount of flaking on the surface.
Unique in its effect, the flamed finish makes surfaces non-slip while at the same time dulling the original colour of the material and creating different kinds of relief on the surface.

The sawn or rough finish is exactly what these slabs have when they have just come from the sawmill. The surface is not smooth to the touch, but is nevertheless flat enough for paving. Although it is not entirely slip-proof, the sawn stone is rougher than with the polished or honed finish. 
It does not show off the colour or texture of the materials, and is the most economical kind of finish, since all the others are carried out on top of rough material. It is ideal for use outdoors, particularly in places with a lot of bustle.

A shiny surface that highlights the natural colour and characteristics of the stone (the grain, veins, etc).
It is completely flat and smooth, reveals all the beauty of the natural stone.


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